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Pet Grooming in Surry Hills NSW

Getting your dog groomed is not just about them looking good but also an excellent way to help maintain their skin, coat, ears, and teeth and reduce issues associated with these areas.

Having a well-groomed dog will ensure they smell nice, shed less, and help to prevent a build-up of dry skin, parasites, and mats that become tight and painful.

Grooming is also an excellent chance to maintain nails, anal glands, ears and teeth. Our groomers offer nail clips, anal gland emptying, ear cleaning and teeth cleaning as well as the full spa experience.

During your pets grooming experience they will also be checked over for any lumps or bumps that may be hard to usually locate under fur.

Sanitary clips are often required in the longer-haired breeds, and our Groomers will ensure this is done in a way that doesn’t affect the overall look of their cut and coat, leaving your pet looking and feeling fresh!

Your dog visiting our Groomer is like your dog visiting the hairdresser. They get a full wash and dry with deep conditioning products suitable for the most sensitive of skins.

Once dried and fluffed they are ready for their cut. Our Groomer is skilled with a large amount of different breed standard styles and is able to adjust them to your requirements and needs.

Our Groomer is very popular in the local area and is often booked out 4-6 weeks in advance, so we highly recommend booking early and keeping a rolling appointment. Enquire here to book in, and check out below for some of our beautifully groomed dogs!

We do also offer cat clips under sedation. If this is a service you think your cat will benefit from, please contact us for further information.

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