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Micro bubble bath is a completely natural treatment that deep cleans the hair and the skin of your pets. This treatment works on a much deeper level than any shampoos or soaps and effectively penetrates skin pores and hair follicles to help to remove germs, allergens and skin debris with absolutely no side effects. It is highly recommended for older pets that need that extra bit of pampering.

Micro bubble bath is strongly recommended for dogs and cats with sensitive skins and allergies but other pets with no skin problems are encouraged to take advantage of this soothing and natural hair and skin treatment.

Some of the known benefits of the micro bubble treatment are:

  • Deep natural hair and skin cleanse
  • Enhances the efficiency of other skin treatments prescribed by veterinarians
  • Reduces skin odor
  • Reduces hair shedding
  • Works like a deep tissue massage and reduces your pets stress and anxiety

Please give us a ring or come and visit us for further information and to book your pet for a session.

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