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Pets are remarkably good at hiding pain and signs of illness. They might be experiencing a number of health issues while they appear to be doing well. As a result, we recommend all adult pets receive a health check at least once a year. Routine examinations are also crucial in the prevention and management of health conditions, as diagnosing diseases early significantly improves the outcome of treatments. Not to mention, it’s less taxing emotionally and financially for owners.

During physical examinations, our experienced veterinarians thoroughly assess your pet, making sure everything is as it should be. We also give guidance on a range of general topics including nutrition, exercise, behaviour issues, worming and fleaing.

Health checks for older pets, Puppies and Kittens

Pets age faster than us humans. This brings on a number of physical and mental changes that are best detected early and managed appropriately to ensure our beloved pets live longer and happier lives. At Vets On Crown, we are specialists in age-related conditions such as dental disease, kidney failure, heart disease, cancer and arthritis. We recommend a checkup every six months for animals over seven years of age, to ensure progressive conditions are kept under wraps.

Puppies and kittens are given a lot of attention to keep their first visits happy and exciting. Your new companions need to be checked head to tail to ensure they are happily growing into healthy adults.


Immunization is one of the most critical parts of your pet’s health routine. By getting your four-legged friends vaccinated you not only protect them from potentially life-threatening diseases, but also help control the spread of illness. Vaccinations and medical histories are also required when they are in close contact with other animals in places such as boarding kennels, puppy schools and daycare.

Health-checks and vaccinations are easy at Vets On Crown. There’s no need to even make an appointment – just drop in during our extended working hours and our friendly team will be happy to get acquainted with you and your furry friend.

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